When you start your new business venture, the base marketing plan that you need is to brand your business and make it stand out. Most of the business concept is the evolving from the precious one which find their way to differentiate it.


Branding is more than just a logo but logo is part of the branding strategy. There are few questions that you have to ask to yourself when you will start your branding progress, which are :

  • What is your mission and vision?

  • Who is your target market?

  • Who is your audience?

  • Who are your biggest competitor?

  • What are their strength and weakness?


The questions listed above will help you to articulate those differences and to reach some conclusions about the concept and ideas that best represent your brand. Once you have a firm concept and find your niche than you are ready to work on marketing and promotional elements that will showcase your brand to the world.

What are the component you need to start your branding process :


  1. Design your logo

The aim of having a logo is for customers who have seen your logo for several occasion begin to recognize it. It can starts to build their connection with your brand and help them to trust you. It should be well represent your business and memorable.


  1. Create a tagline

Tagline is a short sentence or message to describe your business to your audience and they are best to use for :

  • Sell out your advantages among the competitor

  • Highlight your business value


  1. Get a business Card

A business card is an excellent direct marketing tool and your first good impression in a professional way. Just like your logo and tagline, business card should show your values, beliefs and expertise.


  1. Make your marketing collateral (fact sheet, brochure, merchandise, etc)

Event in this digital area, in business people still like to be handed and get a printing material. They are a great way to tell your personal story, the fact and the story of your business. Most importantly, they can help you to engage with your customers.

  1. Promote it online

We are in the digital now, so the best way to promote your brand is through online, you can start by a banner ad which can incorporate your logo, slogan and brand colors, you can also start to associate your audience with the link to your website.


Now the step are there and all you need to do is to execute them.

If you need a team or want to discuss further, we are here to help.